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Postby shipstamps » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:23 pm

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This 15c. stamp shows the Istra, a sister ship of the Dalmacija, of the Jadranska Linijska Plovidha, a Yugoslav company whose head office is at Rijeka. The vessel was built in 1965 by Brodogradiliste Ulianik at Pula. Gross tonnage is 5,634, net 2,812. Length overall is 383 ft. 3 in.; breadth 54 ft.3 in.; 16 ft. 8 in.; depth 24 ft. 11 in. She is a twin-screw motorship, carrying 426 passengers. SG387
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Re: Istra

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:24 pm

Tonnage 5.634 gross, 2.812 net, 1.614 dwt., dim. 116.89 x 16.55 x 5.11m. (draught), length between p.p. 105.0m.
Powered by two 10-cyl. Sulzer two stroke single acting diesels, 7.500 bhp ( 5.520 kW.), speed 19 knots, twin screws.
Passenger accommodation for 165 first, 52 second class, and a large number of deck-passengers.
July 1965 completed

First used in a fortnightly line between Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece and Eastern Mediterranean ports.
After a 1969 refit at Trieste, switched over to full cruising.
Passenger accommodation for 310 passengers in one class.
Used for world wide cruising, but mainly Caribbean and Europe.
Dec.1991 sold to the Mono Company at Yalta, U.S.S.R, and renamed ASTRA
Used by the Moscow based company Caravella Shipping Co. Ltd. on cruises from the U.S.S.R. to Israel.
Spring 1993 refitted by Sieghold-Höhne Anlagenbau at Bremerhaven and was sub-chartered to the Dutch Eurocruises, and later that year by a long charter of the German tour operator Neckermann Seereisen.

May 1995 re-delivered to Caravella Shipping and used in the domestic market of the U.S.S.R.
Early 1997 transferred to Panamanian flag and renamed ASTRA I. Her registered owner given as Goring Shipping Corporation.
1998 Received a new funnel logo.
Autumn 1998 arrested at Haifa and put up for auction.
March 1999 bought during the second auction by Arcalia Shipping Company, Lisbon, Portugal.
She was registered under Constellation Cruise Holdings S.A. and Panama flag.
Sailed to Lisbon for refurbishment and rebuilding, May 2000 completed, renamed ARION.
Passengers 340 in one class, crew 145. service speed 16 knots.

Her first cruise was to the Red Sea for the British tour operator Arena Cruises. After a few voyages to the Red Sea, switched over to Travelscope Promotions for cruises during the summer in North Europe.
She still sails mostly in European waters on charter for tour operators or for the own company, lately used in 7-day Byzantine Legend cruises from Piraeus from June to December 2002.

Early 2002 changed from Panama flag to the Portuguese flag, with homeport Madeira.

Her profile is a little altered by the last rebuilding; the bridge was re-located more forward.
May2013 sold to Coral Cruises Transportes, Lisbon, Portugal and renamed PORTO.

2016 Same owner and registry. IMO No. 6419057. Gross tonnage 5.888 tons. Managed by SCMA, Lisbon.

05 November 2018 arrived at Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping.

St Vincent 1974 $1 sg 390 and MS.

Source; Log Book. Marine News 2003/150. Register of Merchant Ships Completed in 1965.
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