Walrus class (submarine)

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Walrus class (submarine)

Post by john sefton » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:10 pm

The Walrus-class submarines are unusual in that instead of a cross-shaped assembly of stern diving planes and rudders, they mount four combined rudders and diving planes in an "X" configuration. This tail configuration was first tested in 1960 on the United States Navy's USS Albacore (AGSS-569), but has since been used only by the Walrus class, all Swedish Navy submarines since the Sjöormen class, the Royal Australian Navy's Collins class and the German Type 212A.
The submarines were in high demand by NATO during the Cold War since they combined a highly skilled crew with a very silent boat. At that time the majority of NATO submarines were either Nuclear or Brown water subs. After the cold war, the subs have been tasked for many intelligence gathering operations (still classified) in the Yugoslavian region, Iraq and Caribbean.
In 2007, the cabinet approved an upgrade of the four operational subs and recruitment of additional crew to improve overall operational availability. The upgrades are focussed on near-shore operations and integration with new weapons. These include the US migration from the current MK 48 mod-4 torpedo to the mod-7 version.
In June 2010, Netherlands agreed to deploy one submarine to help combat piracy in the waters off Somalia. Possible missions could include, signals intelligence; going close to shore and intercepting pirates' radio signals, and the tracking of Pirate Vessels.
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Re: Walrus class (submarine)

Post by aukepalmhof » Tue Oct 17, 2023 8:46 pm

The first of this class the WALRUS is decommissioned:

The Dutch Ministerie van Defensie has taken the first Walrus-class submarine out of service. During this ceremonial decommissioning, 12 October 2023 in Den Helder the Dutch flag, the geuzenvlag and the war pennant were traditionally taken down. Zr.Ms. WALRUS had been operated by the Koninklijke Marine since 1992.
The ceremony marked both the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter.
The Ministry of Defence is in the process of acquiring 4 new submarines. This is
one of the most extensive replacement projects in years. In 2024, a decision will be
taken on which shipyard the Ministry of Defence will work with.
Zr.Ms. WALRUS is not completely lost. The Ministry of Defence uses parts of the vessel to keep the other 3 submarines operational. Zr.Ms.ZEELEUW, Zr.Ms.
DOLFIJN and Zr.Ms. BRUINVIS will continue to sail in the coming years. The starting point is that this can be done safely and responsibly. The Military Seaworthiness Authority monitors this.
In 31 years of operation, Zr.Ms. WALRUS and all crews spent a total of 3,000 days at sea. The submarine was deployed 14 times under the direction of the Commander of the Armed Forces and also carried out countless exercises and training.

"The decommissioning of the Zr.Ms. WALRUS helps the Navy to keep focus on the future in the coming years and to facilitate the material conservation of the sailing boats. This is necessary, but it can also be done responsibly and safely,"says Captain Jeroen van Zanten, group commander submarine service. In time, a second submarine will meet the samefate as the Zr.Ms. WALRUS, but it is not yet known when. The navy then sails with 2 submarines, until the first newsubmarine arrives. This could take at least another 10 years. Then the last Walrus-class submarines will also be said goodbye. The boats are named after the marine mammal of the same name. It is known for its intelligence and agility underwater. The Dutch submarines are praised worldwide for their advanced technology to carry out unprecedented
maritime operations under water. They are among the most effective weapon systems of the armed forces.

Source: Daily Collection of Maritime Press Clippings 2023-291
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