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Mozambique issued in 2013 a miniature sheet with paintings made by the Russian maritime painter Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) only one stamp depict a ship with a known name.
The 18.00 mt stamps depict part of a painting, “Approximation of the storm and Crimea” while the right under stamp of 92.00 mt is designed after the painting “The Sea”

The ship on the stamp on the left under of 92.00 mt depict the Russian Imperial warship DVENADSAT APOSTOLOV (Twelve Apostles) and the stamp was designed after a painting made by the Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky in 1897.

Built as a ship-of-the-line at Nikoleav by the master shipbuilder Chernyavskiy, for the Russian Imperial Black Sea Fleet.
04 October 1858 keel laid down.
15 July 1841 launched as the DVENADSAT APOSTOLOV two sisters, she was the lead ship of her class.
Tonnage 3,190 tons (bm), 4,790 ton displacement, dim. 211.2 x 57.10 x 27.6ft. Draught fore 24.6, aft 25.9 ft. Length of keel 193.9 ft.
Armament: Lower deck 28 – 26 pdr. shell guns and 4 – 36 pdr. long. Tweendeck 34 – 36 pdrs, upper deck 34 – 36 pdrs gunnades, forecastle and quarter deck 24 – 24 pdrs gunnades, 1 – 24 pdr carronade and 2 – 12 pdrs carronades. In later years some guns were replaced.
Crew circa 1,000.

1842 Sailed from Nikolayev to Sevastopol, where after she made several cruises from Sevastopol in the Black Sea the same year.
1843 Assisted in the transportation of the 13th Division from Sevastopol to Odessa and back.
1843 -1847 and 1849 - 1850 made some cruises in the Black Sea.
Between 1851 – 1852 under repair.
1853 The Crimean War broke out.
October 1853 transported 1466 troops from Sevastopol to Sukhum-kale.
April 1854 returned to Sevastopol road.
All her guns had been landed by December 1854 and only 80 sailors were on board.
18 December 1854 converted into a temporary hospital.
13 February 1845 scuttled.

Mozambique 2013 92.00 mt sg?, scott?

Source: Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1696 – 1860 by Tredrea & Sozaev.

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Twelve Apostles

Ukraine 2001, S.G.?, Scott: 424a.
Twelve Apostles.jpg

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12 Apostolov 1841

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The "Twelve Apostles" was a 120-gun 3 decked ship of the line built by the Russian shipwright Captain S. I. Chernyakovsky.
It was launched on the 15th July 1841 and became part of Russia's Black Sea Fleet. The city of Sevastopol was the home of the Tsar's Black Sea Fleet, which threatened the Mediterranean. Sevastopol is one of the classic sieges of all time, the siege was the culminating struggle for the strategic Russian port in 1854–1855 and was the final episode in the Crimean War. On the 13th February 1855, the Twelve Apostles was ordered to Sevastopol Bay to form a second beam line along with six other vessels. The Russian commanders arrived at the hard but a most sensible decision, to submerge the ships across the entrance channel to prevent entry to the port, thus assisting the shoreline batteries. The ship's crew disembarked to reinforce the city's defenses, the Twelve Apostles was scuttled and sank.
Grenadinas of Grenada 2019; 5$.
Source: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7499- ... -rate-1847
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