cruise vessel

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cruise vessel

Post by aukepalmhof » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:31 pm

Who can identify the two cruise vessel alongside in Aruba on the stamp?

The Oranjestad port, which is at present the island's most important commercial port, is located at the southwest coast. The port is open day and night, thus enabling at any time the arrival and departure of ships. The location, in the capital's center offers a colorful view of ships coming into the port. The ships dock at walking distance from the commercial activities, and at a mere 10 minutes by car from the beaches. Aruba's international airport is just a little over 2 miles from the wharf. The cruise ship port welcomes a few hundred thousand visitors annually.
Aruba 2015 250c sg?, scott?

With the help of Mr. Peter Crichton I found the cruise vessel on the stamp:
The Aruba cruise vessel is the CARNIVAL BREEZE see URL below. She was also the only of her class who regular visited Oranjestad. Photo taken on 21 February 2013. ... id=1803657

The other cruise vessel is the ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS
Peter was given that she could be the ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS of one of the sisters and by searching on the net I found a photo what did give both vessels on 21 February 2013 alongside in Oranjestad.

She was 21 February 2013 at Oranjestad see URL below. Row 10 ... e_Seas.htm

Regards Auke Palmhof.
2015 aruba cruise vessel.jpg

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