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Built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey, laid down 25 March 1938, launched:20 April 1940, commissioned:15 November 1940.
Decommissioned:24 September 1957.
Struck:1 July 1963, Fate: Sold for scrapping, February 1972
Class and type:Curtiss-class seaplane tender, Displacement:8,671 tons, L:160,73m. (527’4”) B:21,10m. (69’ 3”) Draft:6,65m. (21’ 11”) 4 Babcock & Wilcox Express boilers 400 psi 690°, 2 New York Ship Building Corp. paired geared turbines, double De Laval Main reduction gear, twin shafts, 12.000 shp. 20 kn. Range:12.000 nm. at 12 kn. Complement:1,195.
Sensors and processing systems:CXAM-1 RADAR from 1940.
Armament:4 × single 5” (127 mm.) 38 caliber guns, 4 × quad 40 mm. guns.
Aviation facilities: Helipad (fitted 1954)
added during WWII 2 twin 40mm. AA gun mounts, 12 single 20mm. AA gun mounts
Ship's service generators 4 500Kw 450V A.C.
Fuel capacities:NSFO 9,670 Bbls, Diesel:286 Bbls, Gasoline:267,030 Gallons.

Pearl Harbour
On December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, CURTISS immediately got underway firing at enemy planes. At 8:36am spotted by Type A Midget Submarine (Midget B) that opened fire with a torpedo that missed, impacting a dock at Pearl City.
Simultaneously, the submarine's periscope was sighted and targeted with gunfire. Meanwhile, USS MONAGHAN (DD-354) ran full speed in an attempt to ram the midget submarine. As it surfaced, the destroyer struck the submarine while it fired its second torpedo, which passed harmlessly beneath the destroyer and exploded on shore bank. MONAGHAN dropped two depth charges that sank the submarine.

At 09:05 gunners aboard CURTISS scored a hit on an enemy aircraft, causing it to crash into her No. 1 crane and burn. Three minutes later she splashed another plane, then began firing at a D3A1 Val dive bomber. A bomb from this plane crashed CURTISS in the vicinity of her damaged crane and exploded below decks, setting the hangar and main decks and No. 4 handling room on fire, as the plane splashed off her port beam. During the attack suffered 19 dead and many wounded.

Final Disposition, sold for scrapping, 1 March 1972, to Union Minerals & Alloys, Kearny. N.J. for $89,106.27

(Dominica 1991, $1, StG.1474)
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