DANA (Qatar)

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DANA (Qatar)

Post by D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Fri May 12, 2017 7:18 pm

Built in 1976 by Marathon Le Tourneau Offshore Pte. Ltd., Singapore as TRITON II.
In ? sold? renamed DANA for Qatar General Petroleum Corp. Doha. Off. no.:007/76
Self-elevating oil rig, Gt:4590, Platform (triangular) 203' x 168'x 23', Service draft 12'.
Heliport 65' diameter for Sikorsky S-61, quartes:92.
Legs (triangular truss) 3 of 357'. Rack and pinion jacking, Spud tanks 45' diameter x 21' height.
Mooring:1 x 10,000 lb Baldt Stockless anchor.
Safety:2 liveboats, each for 50 persons, 4 inflatable life rafts, each for 20 persons.
Cranes:3 x 45 tons at 25', fuel:2000 bbls, water (drill) 5000 bbls, (potable) 1000 bbls,
Mud (liquid) 1400 bbls, mud (bulk) 6300 cu.', cement: 3000 sacks.
Piping:14,000' of 5" pipe.
Cement unit:Halliburn Twin HT-400.
Water depth:250', drill depth:20,000'.
Derrick:Pyramid 147', 1,000,000 lb.
Drawworks:National C-375 37½". Mud pumps:2 x National 12-P-160
BOP stack:1 x Shaffer annular 5000 psi. 3 x single Shaffer 10,000 psi.
Engines: (a) 2 x General Motors MD16E8:3900 bhp. (b) 1 x General Motors MD12E8:1500 bhp.
Elec generators: (I) 2 x 1500 kW. 600 V. a.c. (II)1 x 1050 kW. 600 V. a.c.
Propulsion: Engines (a) driving generators (I) connected to 2 electric motors each 1250 shp. powering 2 Schottel thrusters units.
Other equipment: 2 x Aqua Chem S300 SPEC-E, distillers: Model 5200 degasser: Demco 86V deander & 416-14 desilter.
Drilling in Qatari waters.

(Qatar 1976 1,25 r. StG.618)
Register of Offshore Units, Submersibles & Diving Systems 1979/80
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