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Israel issued 1987 three stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate three explorations of Israel. The continuous design of the three stamps is a relief map of the Jordan River between the Dead Sea and the Lake of Galilee. Only on the 0.50 Sh stamp is depict the sailing canoe ROB ROY which is paddled by John MacGregor, and also in the margin van the miniature sheet is the canoe depict under sail.
In 1868 John MacGregor sailed his canoe, the Rob Roy, on Lake Hula, the Sea of Galilee, and the Kishon River. He was taken prisoner by Bedouins on Lake Hula and later escaped. He mapped the lake and the Sea of Galilee. His canoe appears on the left-hand stamp on the sheet, and also on the lower margin.

The boat he designed was a 'double-ended' kind of canoe inspired by the Northern American kayaks but built-in Lambeth of lapstrake oak planking, decked in cedar covered with rubberized canvas with an open cockpit in the center. It measured 15 feet long, 28 inches wide, nine inches deep and weighed 80 pounds (36 kg), and was designed to be used with a double-bladed paddle. He named the boat Rob Roy after the celebrated Scottish outlaw of the same name, to whom he was related.
During the 1860s, he had at least seven similar boats built and he sailed and paddled them in Europe, the Baltic, and the Middle East. One of those canoes is now based at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
The version he used for his expedition to Egypt, Syria, and Palestine in 1868/69 was slightly smaller but was designed so that he could sleep in it. He was accompanied by a dragoman, Hany, and two retainers who maintained the various base camps on the journey.[3] He visited the Nile Delta, the rivers of Damascus, as well as parts of the River Jordan and Kishon River. Whilst exploring the watercourses above Lake Hula he was taken prisoner by villagers from Al-Salihiyya who lifted both him and the Rob Roy canoe out of the river whilst he kept them at bay with his paddle. He was responsible for the first scientific survey of the area. ... ortsman%29

The other two stamps show us
In 1835 Christopher Costigan rowed from Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee to Beth Shean, then traveled overland to the Dead Sea.

Thomas Howard Molyneux, a British lieutenant, rowed down the Jordan from Tiberias with three friends in 1847. After many clashes with unfriendly Bedouins, they reached the Dead Sea.

William Francis Lynch, an American naval lieutenant, and thirteen men went down the Jordan in two boats, one of iron and one of copper, in 1848. They mapped the Jordan River and determined that the Dead Sea was 1300 feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea. The map on the middle stamp is by Lynch.
Israel 1987 0.50 sh and MS 1.70 sh sg 1035 and sgMS 1035., Scott?
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