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The 12 stamps issued in 1961 for the XXV Anniversary of the Spanish Uprising shows on the 80cts stamp a formation which more like warships than a convoy of merchant ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. The convoy was named “Convoy of Victory”
The so-called Convoy of victory was an air-naval confrontation in the Strait of Gibraltar, very important in view of Franco's plans in the territory of Andalusia.
The Strait at that time was under the control of the Republic and would continue like this until the Battle of Cape Spartel several weeks later, but the rebels needed to break the siege immediately to carry troops and material from North Africa to Algeciras. Juan Yagüe (1891 – 1952) was against the plan, but Franco was convinced that his air superiority would compensate for his weakness at sea.
After several aerial reconnaissances in search of the ships of the Republic, on 05 August 1936 at 4:30 p.m. the rebellious ships CIUDAD DE CEUTA, CIUDAD DE ALGERICA, WAD KERT, ARANGO and BENET set sail at full speed, without wasting time in maintaining the formation. With the advantage that the planes gave it and some luck, the convoy managed to reach the Andalusian coast with hardly any fire.
Surprisingly, the government ships were damaged, and 18 sailors from the destroyer ALCALA were killed by shots from the rebels' gunboat EDUARD DATO. This ship, by the way, accidentally fired on a British destroyer heading for the Rock of Gibraltar but failed to hit it.
All the ships of the convoy reached Algeciras safely that day
The rebels managed that day to bring 1,600 soldiers and abundant material to Andalusia, in addition to a great moral and propaganda success at the international level. It was a decisive moment, without which the rebels could not have carried out their race of blood and fire through the Andalusian country.

https://www.publico.es/politica/memoria ... ranco.html
Spain 1961 80cts sg1435, Scott?
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