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Two stamps from Spanish Morocco issued in 1951 in the “hunting and fishing” series and the other in 1953 in the “landscape” series depict the “cárabo” also named “agherrabo” a south Berber fishing boat, of which Aak to Zumbra gives:

The “carabo” that works from the beaches at Safi south to Cap Juby; considered an old type. Robust but supple; sharp curved ends, sometimes with a tail, slender stemhead; keel strong sheer. Rudder hung out with two pintles and gudgeons. A low cuddy abaft a small foredeck, level with the rowing thwarts, holds the net; helmsman’s seat is flush with the stern gunwale, forward of which is a 2nd low cuddy for the helmsman. Exterior coated with pitch except for a wide band at the sheer line that is painted white; with a spiral decoration in color; the low decking and the bulkhead supporting the stern seat are decorated.
Rowed double-banked to the cadence of chanting; oars worked against a single tholepin secured by a leather thong. Occasionally a temporary sail might be created by stretching a robe between two oars.
The crew of 6 oarsmen, one of two fishermen, and the helmsman.
Reported lengths 7.5 – 9m. e.g. length ca 8m, beam 1.6m.

Source: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft
Spanish Morocco 1951 10p and 1953 35c, sg 361 and 394, Scott ?
1951 el carabo Hunting---fishing (2).jpg
1951 el carabo Hunting---fishing (2).jpg (92.44 KiB) Viewed 143 times
1953 carabo Landscape---aircraft (2).jpg
1953 carabo Landscape---aircraft (2).jpg (44.05 KiB) Viewed 143 times

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