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I found on the net that the vessel depict on the 1929 issued stamps by Spain is a replica of the SANTA MARIA, Columbus ship. She is shown in the Guadalquiver River within the background Sevilla.
Built as a replica caravel of the SANTA MARIA in 1929 by Echevarrieta y Larrinaga Shipyard in Cadiz for the Exposición Iberoamericana de Sevilla de 1929.
Launched as SANTA MARIA.
Tonnage 170 tons, dim 24.50 x 7.90 x 2.25m.

On the occasion of the Ibero-American Exposition of Seville in 1929, the purpose of a reconstitution of the caravel Santa María, the flagship of Christopher Columbus that he used on his first trip to the New World in 1492, was conceived.
Torcuato Luca de Tena, manager of the idea, presented it in 1926 to Admiral Honorio Cornejo , Minister of the Navy, who offered its realization to Lieutenant Julio Guillén Tato, who published his memoir La carabela "Santa María" in 1927 . Notes for its reconstitution.
The Royal Decree-Law of the Ministry of the Navy of June 22, 1927, authorized the construction of the ship for which a loan of 220,000 pesetas was granted.
The construction commission was entrusted to the Cadiz shipyards owned by Horacio Echevarrieta, as provided in the Royal Order of November 24, 1927, and in accordance with the plans presented by Julio Guillén for which it had the collaboration of General José Quintana and the Navy engineer Juan Campos. The works were directed by the engineer Juan Antonio Aldecoa from the Echevarrieta shipyards.
At the launch ceremony in the port of Cádiz, the chaplain Juan Javaloyes blessed the hull and the girl María Felisa Aldecoa Lacombe acted as godmother.
It had four masts: mizzen, major, fore-end, and feeder; for salvage and other trades, a boat with a capacity for ten men and a batel for 52 men. It was equipped with four hemp sails with a surface area of 27.42 square meters; for deck, two awnings: one in damask and the other in canvas. The commander's cabin had the appearance of an authentic Columbian museum: rustic table, shields and emblems, chest ...
In the construction, some visible parts of the hull were executed using hand tools, whose design (of the time) was resolved by Julio Guillén. In this way, he wanted to offer with absolute realism the roughness in the finish that is understood for the constructions of the late 15th century.
She anchored in the Port of Seville escorted by a division of the Spanish Navy and by a Portuguese flotilla being received in the port of Seville on May 8, 1929 by the kings of Spain, Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg and the infantas Beatriz. and Cristina. The ship was anchored in the vicinity of the Navy pavilion so that it was incorporated into the exhibition of the pavilion itself.
After leaving the Navy in 1943 and being transported to Cartagena by the TARIFA, it sank in Alicante waters of Villajoyosa, Alicante. ... la_de_1929 (Google translated)
Spain 1929 1c, 15c and 25c, sg 502, 506, 508. Scott?
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Re: REPLICA OF SANTA MARIA built in 1929

Post by Anatol » Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:09 pm

These 3 stamps of Spain in 1929 depict a sailing ship from the middle of the 17th century. It cannot be a copy of Columbus's "Santa Maria", as it is equipped with topsails on all 3 masts, and even topgallant sails on the foremast and main masts, and 2 spritsail cource under the bowsprit. In addition, it has 3 aft lanterns. "Santa Maria" is a ship of the XV century, and was equipped, besides the main sails, only with a small topsail on main mast, as historians show us. I think the 3 stamps are not a copy of “Santa Maria”of Columbus.

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