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Oman issued 1 stamp in 2005 for the 35th National Day, which shows in the middle of the stamp a warship, which I believe is one of the corvettes of the Qahir class.

Two in this class were built by Vosper-Thornycroft in Woolson, U.K. for the navy of Oman. Which craft is depicted I can’t figure out.
QAHIR AL AMWAJ was laid down on 21 May 1993. Launched 21 September 1994.
AL MUAZZAR was laid down on 04 April 1994. Launched 26 September 1995.
Displacement 1,135 ton standard, 1.450 ton full load, dim. 83.7 x 11.5 x 3.50m (draught), length bpp. 76.0m.
Powered by 4× Crossley-SEMP-Pielstck 16PA6 V280 STC Diesels 32,000 bhp (24,000 kW). Twin shafts.
Speed 31 kn (57 km/h; 36 mph)
Range 5,500 nmi (10,200 km; 6,300 mi) at 12 kn (22 km/h; 14 mph).
1× Otobreda 76 mm 62 Super Rapid gun.
2× Oerlikon GAM-BO1 20mm cannon.
1× octuple Crotale NG SAM launcher (16 missiles).
8× MM40 Block 2 Exocet anti-ship missiles.
Crew 60.
QAHIR AL AMWAL was completed on 03 September 1996.
AL MUAZZAR completed on 04 December 1996.

The Qahir class is a class of two corvettes designed and built by VT Group in the United Kingdom for the Royal Navy of Oman. The hull and superstructure has been designed with features including the cladding of surfaces with radar-absorbent material and angled sides to reduce the radar cross-section.

Oman placed an order for two corvettes by Vosper Thornycroft as part of Project Muheet on 5 April 1992, work beginning in September 1992. The two ships were completed in 1996, with the final ship, AL MUA’ZZAR being delivered to Oman and commissioned in 1997.

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Oman 2005 100B sg 658, Scott?
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