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The third issue of standard postage stamps in Ukraine shows ("Ethnographic subjects" Ancient Ukraine ")
Stamps of the third standard issue of postage stamps were issued in 1994-2001. Stamps with letter denominations "A", "B", "C", "D", "D", "E", "E", "F" were introduced into circulation.

(F) Ethnographic plot
"Ancient Ukraine": Fisherman on a fishing boat for "chilling" catfish on the Dnieper River..

Fisheries in Ukraine
Fishing in Ukraine has long been known. This is confirmed by archeological finds - clay and stone sinkers for fishing nets, various hooks, etc., which belong to the Chernyakhiv culture (II-V centuries) and subsequent epochs (VI-IX centuries). The spread of fishing was facilitated by a large number of rivers and other bodies of water, as well as the ancient tradition of using fish in food.

In the period of feudalism, fishing belonged to the serfdom duties of serfs. In addition, in some areas of Ukraine, peasants were obliged to supply their landlords with yarn for fishing tackle, carts for transporting fish.

Sources indicate that in the XVI century. in Ukraine, the statute regulated the terms of fishing, indicated the types of gear that could be used to catch fish.

Fishing is mainly an additional activity that was available at any time of the year to people of all ages, did not require complex tools, etc. Free fishing was used primarily by privileged classes and small entrepreneurs, as well as officials who bought this right. Peasants fished for their own needs secretly, in free time from agricultural work. Little boys and teenagers had a little more freedom to fish.

For the peasants, fishing was a help in their economy. Where there was more water, fish was included in their daily diet, in other areas it was consumed primarily on fasting days , on certain religious holidays. Thus, by fishing, the peasants sought to replenish or improve their diet. Fish was also the subject of sale and exchange for other products and household items (flax, bread, salt).

The largest fishing areas in Ukraine were: the lower reaches of the Dnieper, Southern Bug, Dniester, Prut, Pripyat, Desna, the Black and Azov Seas. Here fishing was considered the main occupation of a certain part of the population, which grew into fishing.

Until 1917 in the largest cities of Ukraine, there were various fishing societies of sports and amateur character. In the USSR, fishing enthusiasts were united in the district departments of the Ukrainian Society of Hunters and Fishermen (as of January 1, 1962 - 400 out of 250,000 people). In 2006, the All-Ukrainian Fishing Public Association - the Community of Fishermen of Ukraine (GRU) was founded, which already has operating centers in most regions of Ukraine. ... 0%B2%D0%BE
Ukraine 1994 F sg 97 Scott 184A
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