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“BATAVIER”(1876-1894)- Dutch clipper

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:06 pm
by Anatol
The “Batavier”,built in 1876,was the last of the great clippers of the shipyard of Smit Company at Kinderdyck. The shipyard company was owner till 1889,when it went over to the company of J.Koning &.Van Delden of Rotterdam. Length: 69,2m; Width:13/35m; Weight:1060 brt. On October 5th, 1894, the Dutch fully rigged ship BATAVIER, left Java for Falmouth with a cargo of sugar. She was last seen passing St. Helena on December 9th 1894, and was not heard of ever since. The ship perhaps went down near the entrance of The Channel some two weeks after that. The namerplate «Batavier», lateron found somewhere at the westcoast of Scotland, was the only object left of this magnificent ship.
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Sources: Information in margin of MS.