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FISHING METHODS issued 2021 Aruba

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2022 4:15 am
by aukepalmhof
Aruba issued a block of four stamps in 2021 designed by Elvis Trump featuring paintings by Aruban artist Rhona Lemminga. The stamps issued on March 12 show fishing methods used on the island. The 100c depicts a man casting a circular net with a weighted edge known as “tira tarai,” a device used for thousands of years. The 130c stamps show a custom-made wooden boat usually used with other boats that encircle bait balls (small schools gathered tightly) of small fish. On the 420c are rock fishers on the north shore of Aruba using a rod and reel to challenge the large waves and sharp rocks. Deep sea fishing off the coast of Venezuela is depicted on the 500c and includes big game fish such as white and blue marlin, tuna, sailfish, mahi, and wahoo. . ... issues-may
Aruba 2021 100c/500c sg?, Scott 673/76