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The cargo motomhip Arad, subject of the 1 leu stamp, is a type produced by the Turnu Sererin and Oltenitza shipyards, which have built a series of these 2,000-ton (deadweight) vessels for the Roumanian merchant fleet. Each is powered by an 800-h.p. oil engine.
SG2844 Sea Breezes 10/61

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Re: Arad cargo vessel 1961

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The cargo motorship ARAD, subject of the 1 leu stamp, is a type produced by the Santirul Naval Turnu Sererin shipyard in Oltenitza, for NAVROM in Constanza, which have built a series of these 2,000-ton (deadweight) vessels for the Roumanian merchant fleet. Launched as ARAD. Sisterships BUZAU, PITESTI and ROMAN. Tonnage Gt:1047, Nt:483, Dw:1015, Loa:68,71m. Lbp:64,62m. B:10,04m. D:5,31m. draft:3,79m. Powered by a 6 cyl. Sulzer:700 bhp. (515kW.) 9¼ kn. 3 holds, 6 derricks SWL:2 tons.
1961 Completed. IMO.5021451.

1977 Rebuilt as a research vessel for the Romanian Navy, renamed EMIL RACOVITA.
1992 Deleted.

Romania 1961 1L SG2844
Source: Sea Breezes 10/61. LR88/89 + Internet.

In 1977, the ship EMIL RACOVITA became part of the Constanța Diving Center. The ship, the former ARAD cargo ship, was redesigned for the installation of the "Ulyss" system of deep diving at the Turnu-Severin shipyard. The ship was also used for oceanographic and hydrographic research.
Displacement: 1900 tons
Dimensions: length: 70 m; width: 10 m; draft: 3.9 m
Speed: 11 knots

On 21.11.1976 a delegation from the Diving Center from Constanța moved to the garrisons of Galați and Turnu-Severin to complete the preliminary project of arranging the ship ARAD from the endowment of the Maritime Commercial Fleet "Navrom" from Constanța, as an intervention ship with divers to deep depth. Its takeover within the Diving Center was made based on the Decree of the State Council of RSR no. 240 of 27.07.1977.

On 30.10.1977, the diving installation 'Ulyss' delivered by the company Comex Industries from Marseille ( France ), was transported from Constanța to the shipyard in Turnu-Severin in order to be placed on the intervention ship with divers ARAD. By the CMM order no. 31 of 30.10.1977, starting with 31.11.1977, the ship enters the composition of the Deep Diver Group of the Diving Center, receiving the name of EMIL RACOVITA, having commander on Capt. Reg.2 Ivan Cravțov, and second officer on Cpt.Rg.3 Constantin Scarlat .

Between 01-26.08.1978, the ship EMIL RACOVITA performed several missions at sea as a basis for real deep diving with the installation "Ulyss". Thus, between 01-06.08.1978 diving was performed at 40 meters, then between 15-18.08.1978 you dive 4 times at a depth of 70 meters, and between 22-26.08.1978 divers reached the depth of 100 meters.

Between 07-12.01.1981, a strong storm occurred in the western basin of the Black Sea, with a north-northeast wind with a speed of 22-24 m / s, and blizzard snow. The intervention ships with divers EMIL RACOVITA and GRIGORE ANTIPA fought for 24 hours with the waves and the wind, holding on to the cape. The ship GRIGORE ANTIPA managed to take refuge in the port of Constanța. The ship EMIL RACOVITA held at her position hove-to for 72 hours sailing at a speed of 1-2 knots back, finally managing to take shelter in the Caliacra harbor, where it anchored with other foreign and Romanian merchant ships hit by the storm.
During the storm, EMIL RACOVITA had to sacrifice two heavy anchors with their chains. The ship returned to the country on 13 January 1981 with its own means of propulsion, immediately undergoing technical checks.

2021 Currently, the ship EMIL RACOVITA is in the "cold park" of the Romanian Naval Forces, being preserved alongside at the quay. ... nav%C4%83) (Google translated)
Romania 1961 1Le sg2844, Scott?
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