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Mona's Isle l 1830

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:17 pm
by shipstamps

The Mona's Isle (1),  was built by John Wood of Glasgow and launched on June 30, 1830. She was engined by Robert Napier, who said in after years that he was largely indebted for his prosperity and reputation to the name made for him by the Mona's Isle. The stamp picture, from a painting by Walters in the company's possession, shows the ship with paddle-boxes set far forward instead of amidships. Her curious square ports and transom stern have not reproduced clearly on the stamps. On August 14, 1830 the Mona's Isle arrived in Douglas and thereafter proved an immensely popular ship during her 21 years' of service. She was exceptionally fast for her day and usually made the crossing, Douglas to Liverpool, in about eight hours. In 1851 she was sold for £580. Dimensions of this pioneer vessel were: 116 ft. (b.p.) x 19 ft. x 10 ft. and she had a gross tonnage of 200. When the Cunard Company ordered a tender from Napier to be called the Satellite it asked for the new vessel to be built to the specifications of the Mona's Isle. The Manx vessel did not at first carry cargo and had to be altered for that purpose later in her career.

Isle of Man SG170 and label.
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