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The Victoria (ex Union Castle)

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The Victoria (ex Union Castle)

Postby shipstamps » Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:59 pm

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Union Castle Dunnottar Castle was decommissioned after her 49th voyage and sold to Incres S.S. Co., Monrovia and renamed Victoria. Used on New York-West Indies cruises.
In 1964 she was again sold , this time to Victoria S.S. Co., a subsidiary of Swedish company Clipper A/B keeping the same name.
In 1975 she was again sold, this time to Chandris and renamed The Victoria. She cruised in Europe and the Caribbean until 1993, when she was sold to Loui Cruise Linewho used her on cruises from Cyprus. They renamed her Princesa Victoria. Still in service 2004. St Vin SG708. Gren SG653a
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Re: The Victoria

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Fri May 01, 2015 7:41 pm

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Built in 1935-'36 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, #959, as DUNNOTTAR CASTLE for the Union Castle Line, London.
Passenger ship, Gt:15.002, Nt:9181, Dw:10.129, Loa:174,53m. B:21,80m. D:13,26m. Draught:8,02m. 2-9 cyl. B&W/H&W diesels:11.200 hp. (8235 kW.) 2 shafts, 17 kn. pass. 1st class:258, tourist class:250.
06-'36 maiden voyage Southampton - Cape Town, later London - around Africa service.
08-'39 auxiliary cruiser for the Royal Navy, deployed in the South Atlantic Ocean, '42 conversion to Troop transporter, '48 back to owner, after renovation Gt:15.054, pass. 1st class:105, tourist class:263.
'58 sold to Incress Steamship Co., Monrovia, renamed VICTORIA, '59 converted at Wilton Feyenoord, Rotterdam, Gt:14.917, 2 new 7 cyl. FIAT diesels:14.000 hp. (10.298 kW.) 18 kn. pass:600 in 1 class, 14-12-'59 1st cruise in the Mediterranean.
10-'64 sold to Victoria SS Co., Monrovia, part of the Swedish Clipper A/B, retained her name and Incress as agent.
11-'75 sold to Victoria Shipping S.A., Piraeus, '77 to Chandris Cruises, (Phaidon Nav.) renamed THE VICTORIA, cruises in Europe and the Caribbean.
'81 to Victoria Maritime Co., Piraeus (Chandris Group) '84 under Panamanian flag for Phaidon Navigation S.A., Gt:14.411, pass:696.
'94 sold to Louis Cruise Lines, renamed PRINCESA VICTORIA, cruises from Cyprus, 2002 sold as hotel ship in London.
2004 sold for scrapping in Alang, India, under the name VICTORIA 1.
(Grenada 1975, 5 c. StG.653A; St. Vincent 1982, $1,50, StG.708)

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