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Georg Stage (cadet ship)

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Georg Stage (cadet ship)

Postby john sefton » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:41 pm

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The full-rigged training ship "Georg Stage" is owned and run by The Georg Stage Memorial Foundation ("Georg Stages Minde") - established in 1882 by Mr. Carl Frederik Stage, a Danish shipowner, and his wife Thea. They donated a fully equipped training ship, and later bequeathed a sum of money to support the running of the ship, which was named after their only son, Georg Stage, who died at the age of 22 years. The aim of the foundation is ". . . to give young people wishing to go to sea, their first lesson in practical seamanship aboard a purpose-built training ship", in other words an entry-level course in seamanship for professional seamen.
With only three exceptions "Georg Stage" sailed every summer from 1882 until August 1934, when she was sold to Commander Alan Villiers, the well-known author, who re-named the ship "Joseph Conrad". He made a two years circumnavigation of the globe, and the ship then passed into American hands, first as a yacht and later, during the Second World War, as a training ship for the U. S. Coast Guard. She is now, 120 years old, laid up and kept as part of a marine museum in the American port of Mystic, Conn. The first "Georg Stage" was built at Burmeister & Wain's Shipyard, Copenhagen in 1882 as a three-masted, fullrigged ship with single topsails. The hull was of iron, and she was fitted with an auxiliary steam engine. In 1915 a 60 HP diesel engine was installed. Her data were as follows: 203 tons Gross. 148 tons Nett, Waterline 100 feet, Beam 25 feet, Draught 12 feet. Her crew consisted of 10 persons plus 80 cadets.
The ship plies traditionally northern European waters, ranging from Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Ålesund) in the North to Lisbon in the south, and from Ireland or even the Faeroer Islands in the west to baltic ports like Riga for instance in the east. "Georg Stage" has crossed the Atlantic a number of times and visited places like St. Croix, Baltimore, New York and a number of others. She returns to Danish waters in august, almost invariably calling at the little islet of Christiansø near Bornhom, where trainees are passing their final tests and exams. About the 20th of august she is back in Copenhagen. After an examination and inspection by the Board, the ship is unrigged for the winter. The crew and the cadets do this work as part of their training. Whilst the work is going on the cadets have the opportunity of finding jobs, assisted by the permanent staff if required. By october all those cadets, who want to, will likely have found suitable jobs at sea.
To replace the first training ship the present "Georg Stage" was built in 1934/35 and went into service in April, 1935. She is somewhat larger but on the whole of a similar construction as the first one. She was built at Frederikshavn's Vaerft & Flydedok A/S, Denmark, and has the following data: 3-masted full-rigged ship with a 200 HP auxiliary Diesel engine, 298 tons gross, 185 tons net, waterline length 123,8 feet, beam 27,8 feet, draught 13 feet, height of main top 98 feet above waterline, 20 sails of 9250 sq.ft. in total. Today the ship carries 63 cadets, usually about 40-42 boys and 20-21 girls.

Denmark SG1006
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Re: Georg Stage (II) (cadet ship)

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:59 pm

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Tanzania 1999 400/ sg?, scott?

Wrongly give on the stamp as GEORG STAG.
Denmark 2015 7kr sg?, scott?
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