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About D-Day 75
To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Isle of Man Post Office is privileged to issue a new set of stamps, a dedicated collection honouring all the Manx men and women involved in the historic landings. Our set is a special 'stamp on stamp' design and includes the artwork from our 1994 collection.
Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle began on 6th June 1944, also known as D-Day, when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France's Normandy region. The invasion was one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history the Normandy beach landings.
This stamp-on-stamp presentation, derived from our 50th Anniversary of D Day 1994 commemorative issue depicts the most prominent military leaders of the Allied Forces who formulated plans which marked the start of a long and costly campaign to liberate north-west Europe from German occupation.

The Commanders featured on the stamps are:
General Dwight D. Eisenhower, US Army, Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF).
Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur Tedder RAF, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander.
Lt-Gen Omar Bradley, US Army, Commander 1st US Army.
General Sir Bernard Montgomery, British Army, Commander 21st Army Group.
Major General Walter Bedell Smith, US Army, Chief of Staff.
Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey, Royal Navy, Commander Allied Naval Expeditionary Force.
Air Chief Marshall Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, Royal Air Force, Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Air Force and also in command of the landing phase for Operation Overlord.
Lt-Gen Sir Miles Dempsey, Commander 2nd British Army.

The ships depict which are also depicted on 1994 issues, on the 1st stamp are the:
The left stamp of the se-tenant stamp shows the BEN-MY-CHREE : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7611
Also, are depict some landing craft in the foreground which are not identified.
The right stamp shows from the top the VICTORIA: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10494
LADY OF MAN: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6022
HMS WARSPITE, shown on the bottom in the right corner: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9921
The landing crafts have not been identified.
The EU stamp shows also on the right stamp landing craft and cargo vessels which have not been identified.

Isle of Man 2019 1st and EU sg?, scott?


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The vessel depict on this stamp of the Netherlands Antilles issued in 2009 depict a CARAVELA REDONDA.
In the first half of the 16th century, the Portuguese created a specialized fighting ship also called caravela redonda to act as an escort in Brazil and in the East Indies route. It had a foremast with square sails (redonda) and three other masts with a lateen each, for a total of 4 masts. The hull was galleon-shaped, and some experts consider this vessel a forerunner of the fighting galleon. The Portuguese Man o' War (caravela da armada) was named after this curious type of fighting ship which was in use until the 18th century.
Netherlands Antilles 2009 2c sg?, scott?
St Thomas & Prince 1979 8d sg?, scott538
Cyprus 2011 0.43 Euro sg?, scott?
Source: Aak to Zumbra, A Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
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2018 madeira.jpg
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Image (20)1.jpg
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The caravel redonda of the Portuguese fleet was a large vessel displacing from 150 to 180 tons; she assisted the armadas in the XVIth and XVIIth centuries.
Carried generally 4 masts, square-rigged in the main-mast and lateen rigged in the three other masts.
The scouts-caravels helped the fleets in missions of exploration and in this case were rigged with triangular sails only.
The square-rigged caravel took better advantage of the winds from the large, but lateen-rigged ones sailed close to the wind more efficiently.

Cuba 1972 2c sg1979.
Mozambique 1963 2s50 sg556, scott442.
Macao 1993 2p sg821, scott712
Portugal (Madeira) 2018 1.50 Euro sg?, scott?
Cuba 1992 30c sg 3740, scott3434

Source: Watercraft Philately Volume 15 page 32.
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