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Postby shipstamps » Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:10 am

almirante irizar 2007.jpg
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almirante irizar.jpg
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almirante irizar 2 (Small).jpg
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almirante irizar 3 (Small).jpg
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Built as a research/supply icebreaker under yard No 420 by Öy Wärtsilä, Helsinki for the Estado Nacional Argentino. (Argentine Government/Navy).
04 July 1977 keel laid down.
03 February 1978 launched under the name ARA ALMIRANTE IRIZAR (Q5), she was named after Admiral Julián Irizar, who commanded the Argentinean corvette ARA URUGUAY who rescued the members of the Swedish Scientific Expedition of Dr. Otto Nordenskjöld in 1903 after their ship the ANTARCTIC was crushed in the ice.
Tonnage 10.065 grt, 3.250 net, 4.600dwt., displacement 14.900 ton. Dim. 119.30 x 25.00 x 9.50m. (draught).
Powered by four Wärtsilä-SEMT Pielstick 8-cyl. PC2-5L diesels, each 5.200hp., who are directly connected to AEG generators, which give there power to two electro motors each 8.100hp., twin stainless steel screws, speed 16.5 knots.
Armament 2 – 40mm Bofors AA guns.
She can break ice with a constant speed with a thickness of 1 meter, maximum 6 meter with a ram-course.
Fitted out with a hangar for two helicopters.
Also fitted out with the AEG/Denny Brown stabilisers to decrease the rolling of the vessel to and from the Antarctic.
Accommodation for 120/130 crew and 100 passengers.
15 December 1978 commissioned. Homeport Buenos Aires.

She was built for the re-supply of the Argentine polar bases in the Antarctic, and supporting scientific endeavours in Antarctica. Even it is possible to over-winter with the ship in the Antarctic.
She has a spoon form bow.
23 March 1979 she arrived in Argentina.

When the Falkland War broke out in 1982 she was first used as troop transport, before she was
used as a hospital ship. Her crew then included medical personal from the Argentina Army and Navy.
At that time she was painted white.
After the war used to return Argentinean POW’s and wounded from the Falklands to Argentine.
She was later awarded the “Operaciones de Combatas” (Combat Operations) medal.

2002 When the German supply vessel MAGDALENA OLDENDORFF became trapped in the ice in the Antarctic, the ALMIRANTE IRIZAR could move her to a safe position, and re-supply the ship with stores, fuel and medicines until the ice melted and the MAGDALENA OLDENDORFF could return to open water one her own power.
For her part in this rescue she was awarded the International “Operation Medal”.

10 April 2007 at 22.00 she got a fire in her electricity generator compartment, when she was on her return voyage from the Antarctic in a position 140 miles east of Puerto Madryn.
On 23.30 the order was given by Captain Guillermo Tarapow to abandon the ship.
296 Crew and military personnel on board left the vessel in lifeboats, and were rescued by a Panamanian tanker SCARLET IBIS and some fishing vessels a few hours later.

Captain Tarapow and some officers stayed behind on the vessel and with the help of 30 naval experts who boarded the vessel the next day, at that time the fire was already extinguished, and the ALMIRANTE IRIZAR were made ready for the tow to Puerto Belgrano naval base.
20 April 2007 under tow she arrived late in the evening in Puerto Belgrano.
How long she will be out of service is unknown, but estimates are at least two years, that there must be heavy damage in the generator and engine room.
IMO No. 7533628.

Also on Argentine 1981 2000p sg 1702.

Source: ... ADzar_(Q-5) CD-ROM ships on stamps.
Navicula. Blauwe Wimpel.
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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:55 am

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Argentina 2012 $5 sg?, scott?

According the latest report I got on her repair she will be again in service in the end of 2012. gives that she was broken up in 2010 by the repair Tandanor Shipyard in Buenos Aires, but I found a photo on the net of 2011 when she still is in drydock and looking if she has been repaired.
2015 She is still not in service.

Updated from Wikipedia:
After a long period in Puerto Belgrano due to legal issues surrounding the incident, IRÍZAR finally arrived in Buenos Aires on 3 September 2008 to be taken to Tandanor's shipyard for repairs. Repairs were expected to be completed in 2010 but continued into 2011, and were supervised by Norwegian shipyard Aker Yards.As of November 2012, the refit had thus far cost over US$100 million and the ship was not expected to be ready until late 2013.In April 2013, it was disclosed that the ship was still awaiting the necessary repairs and that sea trials had been delayed by a year, with oppositors claiming the money spent —some US$200 million plus another US$75 million in contracting supplying vessels— could have been used to buy a new ship; a month later, it was announced that work regarding control panels was still pending.

The Tandanor shipyard repaired the fire damage and also reconfigured the vessel to increase laboratory space from 74 m2 (800 sq ft) up to 415 m2 (4,470 sq ft). This allows the ship to be used primarily as a research vessel in addition to its role of resupplying the southernmost Antarctic base Belgrano II. The diesel engines have been replaced by four new ones purchased from MAN in October 2011. The main radar of IIRIZAR was also repaired in Argentina by CITEDEF. Work was initially estimated to be finished by November 2011, but it was not until April 2017 that the icebreaker was declared seaworthy again.

On 4 July, Almirante Irízar sailed for open sea trials for the first time in ten years. After departing Buenos Aires, the vessel headed to a dry dock in the main base of Argentine Navy, Puerto Belgrano, where the icebreaker will undergo tests and verifications prior to ice trials in the Antarctic and return to full service.

On November 2017, the ship came back to Buenos Aires after successfully passing its "ice test", the last stage of its restoration work that left it ready for service again. It was confirmed that it will be present on the Antarctic 2018 campaign
2019 In service.
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Postby Arturo » Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:35 pm

Almirante Irizar.jpg
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Almirante Irizar

Argentina 1981, S.G.?, Scott: 1307.
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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:02 pm

2019 almirante irizar 2.jpg
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2019 almirante irizar(3).jpg
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Two miniature sheets were issued in 2019 by Argentina of which one shows us the icebreaker ALMIRANTE IRÍZAR which after a long repair period was back in service. The $40 stamp shows her also and in the foreground two RIB craft transporting stores from the ship to a base in Antarctica. The Argentina post gives by this issues:

New trip to the white continent!
The Icebreaker was transformed into a state-of-the-art multipurpose scientific vessel, without losing its characteristics as an Antarctic logistics and rescue vessel.
After the fierce fire that took him out of service for several years, the Icebreaker A.R.A. ALMIRANTE IRÍZAR was rebuilt and modernized.
From its first Antarctic campaign in the summer of 1979/1980 it participated year after year in the supply of the Argentine bases and of other countries. It also contributes to the scientific tasks of glaciology, meteorology and the survey of the submarine platform of the frigid continent.
The icebreaker A.R.A. Almirante Irízar is the flagship of the Antarctic Joint Command.

Argentina 2019 $130 and $40 sgMS?, scott?
Maldives 2019 MVR 20 sg?, scott?
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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 01, 2020 8:12 pm

2019 re-Launching-of-Icebreaker--Admiral-Irizar-MS .jpg
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2019 re-Launching-of-Icebreaker--Admiral-Irizar- 2 .jpg
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2019 re-Launching-of-Icebreaker--Admiral-Irizar-.jpg
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Argentina issued in 2019 two stamps and a miniature sheet for the re-launching of the icebreaker ALMIRANTE IRIZAR

Argentina 2019 $40 ans $160 sg?, scott? and a MS $200 sgMS?, scott?
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