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Postby john sefton » Tue May 26, 2009 10:09 pm

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Disp 1276t. Dimensions 225ft 2in oa x 34ft 5in x 15ft max. Machinery 1-shaft VTE, 4 Langrafel d'Allest boilers, 2,400ihp speed 16 knots. Coal 196t max.
Armament 1-5.5in/45 QF M1893, 5-3.9in, 7-1pdr.
Compliment 146.
A steel hulled sloop, sheathed and coppered with a ram bow and overhanging stern laid down in 1896, launched Aug 1897 and completed in October 1898. Builder Rochefort.
She was rigged as a barquentine, with two funnels between the fore and mainmast. The 5.5in was on the forecastle with one 3.9in on the poop and the others in upper deck sponsons.
She was lost by stranding on a reef at Tahiti, 5th March 1919.

Conway's All the world's fighting ships, 1860-1905.

New Caledonia SG681
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