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Medusa Class Fleet Repair Ship:
Laid down: 2 January 1920, at Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, WA.
Launched: 16 April 1923, Commissioned: 18 September 1924.
During World War II USS MEDUSA was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.
Displacement 10,620 tons, L:147,72m. (484' 5") B:21,41m. (70' 3") Draft:6,25m. (20' 6")
2 Thorny boilers, 210psi. 1 Navy Yard Puget Sound Parsons-type turbine:7000 shp. 16 kn.
Ship's Service Generators:1 turbo-drive 100Kw. 120V. D.C. 3 turbo-drive 300Kw. 120V. D.C.
Complement:Officers 54, Enlisted 786, Largest Boom Capacity 20 t.
Armament:6 single 3"/50 cal dual purpose gun mounts, 2 twin 40mm AA gun mounts.

7 Dec 1941.
During the attack on Pearl Harbor, she assisted in shooting down two Japanese aircraft and also in the sinking of a Japanese midget sub. She also rendered assistance to numerous damaged vessels.

May 1943
During her mission of repairing ships of the 7th Fleet, she ran aground on Buna Shoal. This required repairs through June in Sydney, Australia before continuing to Manus.

Decommissioned: 18 November 1947 at Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, WA.
Transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal, sold for scrapping, 24 August 1950, to Ziedell Shipwrecking Co., Portland, OR.

(Dominica1991, $1, StG.1474)
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