VA'A ALO canoe

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VA'A ALO canoe

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VA’A ALO or also given as va’a-alu-atu or bonito canoe, is used in Samoa and central Pacific; Fast single-outrigger canoe, used in the catching bonito and shark beyond the reefs. Mainly plank-built of short thin lengths, usually of breadfruit; some later canoes as lightweight dugouts. Strong rocker to the keel piece; keel ends shaped to hold the end pieces. Solid bow piece sharp and strongly concave; stern piece similar but much shorter. Assembled hull components lashed through paired holes and around the flanges on the inside of the hull; smooth outside, strong sheer when completed, caulked with rotted breadfruit. Cover pieces at ends decorated with lines of shells. Two booms, lashed across the side, flat gunwales, extended to the float, which is positioned so that the forward end is nearly opposite the bow; after end terminates just abaft the connective. A central boom braces the gunwales and serves as seat but does not extend to the float. Float truncated at the after end, sharp forward. Two pairs of divergent stanchions and lashings connect float and booms. A branch lashed vertically to the outer end of the forward boom support the fishing pole. Some larger canoes set a V-shaped sail or a spritsail.
Crew of 2 paddlers and a fisherman.
Reported lengths 7.5 -18m, the smaller sizes more common; e.g. length 7.5m, beam 0.3m depth 0.45m.

More info is given on: ... a-alo.html

Samoa 1935 4d sg 184, scott? and 1952 6d sg 224, scott?
va'a alo or va'a-alu-atu_Samoa.jpg
1935 va'a alo.jpg
1952 va'a alo.jpg

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