MARION DUFRESNE supply vessel 1995

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MARION DUFRESNE supply vessel 1995

Post by aukepalmhof » Tue Apr 02, 2024 10:46 pm

The MS issued by TAAF in 2024 shows us on the stamp of “supply delivery” on the Kerguelen Island, in the foreground a container discharged from the supply vessel in the background.

Comparing the stamp with a photo I believe she is the MARION DUFRESNE built in 1995, she is the main supply ship to Kerguelen.
More information on the ship is given: posting.php?mode=edit&p=8803

The statuses and functions of agents of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands vary greatly depending on the territories concerned and the times of the year. The multiplicity of missions, the isolation of territories and the maintenance of scientific activities in extreme and isolated environments, require being able to count on a plurality of skills making it possible to ensure life on base but also the supply of men, materials and food.
In the districts and at sea, all skills are necessary and often rely on small multidisciplinary teams. Isolation requires them to be particularly competent, inventive and autonomous in their missions, whether they are in charge of kitchens, water and energy supply, radio links, postal management, restoration of environments, medicine or research. ... est-sorti/
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